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IT Consulting

DevOps Engineer

Are you looking for an opportunity to work in a small, agile, collaborative, team environment where we value integrity, dedication, and the highest quality of service?

The team at Career Mentor Group LLC. (“CMG”) shares a determination to build a world- class professional services and solutions development organization. If you are a team player with a passion for technology, problem solving and a commitment to serve customers, we would like to meet you.

What is it like to work at CMG?

In the words of our most recent recruits:

Expect it to be dynamic! Some days, you will spend the entire day scripting, the next day requires JIRA project administration or configuring workflows. Other days you must integrate all those tools together. The best part about the entry level DevOps position is that you get to work with great people at both CMG and our customers and you get to do meaningful work that is interesting. You are always learning!”

Developing entry level, DevOps professionals who can make an immediate impact with a customer takes some time. The Career Mentor Group LLC. approach is a teaming one. We hire 3 - 4 candidates into training positions twice a year so that you start in teams and have teammates you can leverage and work with to accomplish the training objectives.

During your first three months,  you will hold an hourly opportunity where we pay for you to learn and prove your technical interest and ability to us. In your probationary period, CMG will pay for your CompTIA Security+ training and certification, which is the first toll-gate and requirement for a full-time salary opportunity. We hire for diversity and recognize that people learn at different rates. On average, most folks complete our training program in 3 months.

Completion of the program leads to an offer for full-time employment at CMG as a DevOps engineer.

The ideal candidate for this position is:

  • A recent college graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or related major.

  • Authorized to work in the United States.

  • Less than one year of experience working for a technology company.

  • Willing to travel at least 50% of the time and able to relocate if necessary.

  • If you do not meet these criteria, please do not apply for the position.



At CMG, we believe in hands on learning. We take a three-pronged approach to our training program:

  1. Interactive Hands-On/Online Training

  2. Application in a Lab Environment

  3. Presentation to CMG Team (Multiple Capstone Projects)

Training materials will be provided via online training platforms, such as PluralSight, LinkedIn Learning, Udemy and vendor direct curriculums.  Access and training fees will be paid directly by CMG. Learning and understanding the topics/software platforms listed are a necessity for anyone looking to enter the DevOps field. The training includes, but not limited to:

  • Microsoft Windows Server Operating System and components

  • Linux/Unix Operating Systems

  • Virtualization technologies (VMware/XenServer)

  • DevOps concepts, development, and integrations

  • DevSecOps concepts, development, and integrations

  • CompTIA Security+ training and certification

  • Splunk/ELK

  • Ansible

  • Chef

  • Docker, Kubernetes

  • Jenkins

  • SonarQube, SpotBugs, FindBugs, FindSecBugs,etc..

  • VCS: Bitbucket, GitLab, GitHub

  • JIRA

  • Confluence


  • Machine Learning

  • Python

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)/Azure CLI

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript

  • Database Technologies (SQL)

Lab builds will be required to apply the concepts learned. Lab builds will need to be demonstrated to the CMG Team. The cost of a certification exam will be reimbursed by CMG upon achieving a passing score, the fees for failed exams will not be reimbursed. Certification exam expenses will be reimbursed in the form of a monthly expense check. After completion of our training program, candidates will be offered a full-time position with CMG.



The full time DevOps position is an entry level role in our Managed Services team and is for people who have a passion for technology and want to apply it to help customers.

The DevOps position requires an individual to demonstrate the ability to quickly learn technical concepts. Soft skills are also important; CMG has a strong focus on customer success requiring excellent communication skills, accountability, integrity, teamwork, and responsiveness.

Travel is required for this position.



  • PC laptop and lab equipment provided.

  • Cell phone and home internet paid by company.

  • Medical Insurance

  • 401K

  • Continuous Training


Job Type: Full-time

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