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What Makes CMG Different?

The Career Mentor Group ("CMG") was created to provide trained, proven, certified, and qualified candidates to our customers to meet their specific requirements. Our team has over twenty years of consulting, recruiting, training, and staffing experience.

It is our mission to develop our team's skills specifically tailored to our customer's requirements.

Our leadership has worked professionally in technology since the early nineties. Over the past few decades, we have learned to identify aptitude in a candidate. We also learned what it takes to turn that aptitude into proficiency. Our customer's trust us to deliver on time, on task, with the best available resources. Our team members have the following qualities:



High Aptitude

Highly Skilled



High Integrity

Highly Trained


Our vision is to always deliver the highest quality "Day One Ready" resources to exceed our customer's expectations!

Our mission is to find the best talent that the top universities and colleges in the United States can produce. Career Mentor Group mentors our resources to make them "Day One Ready" contributors, after completing our program.

Mission success is determined only by our customer's requirements being met or exceeded.

Are you looking for a "Day One Ready" resource?
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