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CMG Services

Here at CMG, we are flexible. We want to accommodate your business needs.

Contract to Hire

Our highly trained resources could join your team via a contract to hire engagement. It is pretty simple how this works. You contract our resources for six months or more with the intent of hiring them. After the six month period, there is no "finder's fee".

Staff Augmentation

If your project workload or business is growing quickly and you need resources that are highly skilled and ready to make an impact. Contact us to discuss your requirements and we will rapidly deploy our team to your project.

Managed Services

As a "spin-off" from Critical Design Associates Inc. we have over a decade of delivering all forms of managed services to meet our customers needs. We can deliver a managed service for any of our stated capabilities.

Custom Solutions

If you have a need that does not align with what we have listed above. Give us a call to discuss your requirements. We are an Agile team and always interested in solving new challenges.

IT Consulting

Are you looking for a "Day One Ready" resource?
Schedule a 1-hour consultation today!

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